Huge thanks to Dave Trollope for his ideas that heavily contributed to this post.

Is there a problem?

Whether or not you have a problem is your judgement call. However, frontend frequently ends up having a complexity issue, which leads to increased cost of maintenance, new feature development, and increased error rates. The backend…

“What if the customer clicks on this button, sees the popup, types some text, then cancels, and later comes back to the popup — do we preserve the previously typed text?”

This is a typical conversation that happens during product / design / technical discussion on software engineering teams. Inadvertently…

When most people think of DevOps, what comes to mind first are continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD) pipelines. While they are arguably the most important parts of DevOps, they are not all of it. So, then, what is DevOps? It is a philosophy of how to build and…

Jack Kora

A techie with love for both management and hands on coding.

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